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The first thing to do is figure out what your goal is.

Then, tell us! Your property value is going to be protected and your yard will be set on a path towards looking it's absolute best.

We are coupling experience with science to use only what is necessary: nothing more, nothing less. Sustainable garden care. The way it should be!


Do you want crisp border lines in your gardens, well trimmed plants that are fed properly, blooms through the summer season, and lush, vibrant, fragrant life growing? Call us.

More Services

Sprinklers set efficiently to both save money, and perform better. not to mention conserve water. just another simple way we conservatively make property's prosper.

Other Services

You can get Mulch installed, leaves vac'd, your lawn spring and fall cleaned, and more...


Our mowing program is top notch and includes fertilization for a healthy lawn, a lush lawn, a green growing lawn!

Snow Removal                                  Fall Clean Up

Revelation offers a competative             Revelation offers several 

snow removal service for your               levels of fall clean up.             driveway.

Spring Clean Up

Offering a spring clean up of all leftover debris from winter fall, and falls remaining debris.

Revelation Lawn & Snow, LLC, Snow Removal Service, Muskegon, MI

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