From Gardening to Turf & Snow Management

Your first application of mulch will look and smell wonderful, really making a difference for your lawn's look and health.

BUT... by mid summer the color will have faded and become sun worn. Don't let the feeling of beauty in your yard fade! Get 10% off your mulch order in July/August for the end of summer beginning of fall.

Get 10% off mulch for new customers mulch installation


Industrial/Vacation Mows


Rental Units and Apartment


Sports Facilities


Do you want crisp border lines in your gardens, well trimmed plants that are fed properly, blooms through the summer season, and lush, vibrant, fragrant life growing? Call us. Gardening costs a great deal less than mowing and makes your yard beautiful!

More Services

Without proper watering, how will your lawn look it's best? But, DO NOT spend too much on watering: efficiently use the water that is sprinkled.

Revelation will set sprinklers set efficiently to both save money, and perform better. Conserve water & have a better performing lawn. This is just another simple way Revelation client's get the best lawn care in Muskegon.

Lawn Care Coaching

A 3-year lawn plan, along with instructions on how to do each task, when to do each task, and with what products or equipment.

a $150 value, free

Keep it Clean

Our mowing program is top notch and includes fertilization for a healthy lawn, a lush lawn, a green growing lawn!

Bi-Weekly Leaf Vac for fall DIYers , and weekly clean ups for those who hire us for fall clean up.

Snow Removal                                  Fall Clean Up

Revelation offers a competative             Revelation offers several 

snow removal service for your               levels of fall clean up.             driveway or commercial property

Spring Clean Up

Offering a spring clean up of all leftover debris from winter fall, and falls remaining debris.

Revelation Lawn & Snow, LLC, Snow Removal Service, Muskegon, MI

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