Revelation Lawn Care is excellent & accommodating. - Scott S.

Pricing is reasonable and pursuit of customer service excellence is commendable - Kurt K.

Outstanding.  They were pleasant, professional and did a great job - Susan D

Raked and removed debri from front and side yard. Hoping he will come back and give us an estimate on long term care and upkeep. - Kim P

Quick response, flexible appointment time, excellent service! - Andrea B.

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3 Year DIY Lawn Restoration Plan With Instructions and pro tips

F R E E  S E R V I C E  !

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Revelation specializes in maintaining spaces that inspire. Gardening and lawn restoration is the focus here. The result is increased value of your property that cultivates a space that inspires the human spirit. Revelation is here to make Muskegon a better place to work, live, and have a family, one property at a time. Won't you join us?


Established in 2015.

Revelation has been awesome since 2015.

Pro Tip: Consider This Plan Before Calling

   Regular Garden Maintenance is much more budget friendly than weekly mowing. Consider mowing yourself and hiring Revelation for everything else. A well maintained garden is inexpensive by comparison to mowing and makes a HUGE difference. Further, a proper fertilization plan restores almost any yard in 3 years and is also inexpensive compared to mowing. Bottom line: it is worth considering mowing yourself, and hiring Revelation to fertilize the lawn and care for the gardens making our town a more beautiful place.

Meet The Owner

I am a Minister first and foremost. The gospel has been spread here in America. That is why my focus is tending to, watering, protecting, and strengthening those who are willing tocontinue their growth in Messiah Yeshua. What does this have to do with Revelation? I started this company to finance missionary work all over the world, including my own. Revelation has donated care for a local non-profit that helps felons re-integrate into society, has helped to build a battered woman's shelter in Honduras and aided African missionaries build an orphanage and young men's program.

When you choose Revelation, not only are you getting award winning service with an A+ rating with the BBB, but your money is going to support God's work where it is needed both in our community and overseas.


                                Thomas J Griffin

Revelation Lawn & Snow, LLC, Snow Removal Service, Muskegon, MI
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