Tom Griffin of Revelation Lawn Care is excellent & accommodating. - Scott S.

Pricing is reasonable and pursuit of customer service excellence is commendable - Kurt K.

Outstanding.  They were pleasant, professional and did a great job - Susan D

Raked and removed debri from front and side yard. Hoping he will come back and give us an estimate on long term care and upkeep. - Kim P

Quick response, flexible appointment time, excellent service! - Andrea B.

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3 Year DIY Lawn Restoration Plan With Instructions and pro tips

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Revelation specializes in maintaining spaces that inspire. Gardening and lawn restoration is the focus here. The goal has been met when a family fully enjoys their outdoor space. The result is not only increased value, but a space that inspires the human spirit. Revelation is here to make Muskegon a better place to work, live, and have a family, one property at a time. Won't you join us?


Established in 2015.

Revelation has been awesome since 2015. It's true: look at the reviews on google, yelp, and thumbtack. My customers are people who value and know good work when they see it. In a garden and in the lawn, patience is key.

Pro Tip: Consider This Plan Before Calling

   Regular garden maintenance is much more budget friendly than weekly mowing, and so is fertilization for that matter.  The idea is for you to keep mowing, so you can spend less on making sure the lawn you are mowing performs for you. Performance is ensured  when you budget to spend a little on garden maintenance, fertilization, and getting your watering schedule set properly. Expect to spend less on these services than on mowing. Now, you are doing the same amount of work, but have wisely hired a professional to team up with in order to ensure the work you are doing is not damaging your property value, instead it is increasing your property value.

Meet The Owner

I enjoy teaching that hiring Revelation to take care of your gardens, fertilize your lawn, and set your watering schedule is the best plan to increase your quality of life through property maintenance. I say this because just mowing a lawn is not enough, but at the same time you dont want to overwork a lawn! Keep mowing your lawn, but use my green thumb to make sure you are mowing a healthier, better performing lawn that is surrounded by beautiful lush gardens. You will find working and enjoying a beautiful, well maintained lawn is a much different experience than what you may have dealt with in the past.


                                Thomas J Griffin

Revelation Lawn & Snow, LLC, Snow Removal Service, Muskegon, MI
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