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Don't need landscaping, but want to support an even               better Muskegon County?  Donate Below

The average Helper's Way summer services includes spring clean up, mulch, garden maintenance, fertilization, spot treatments, lawn mowing, and fall clean up.

The average Helper's Way snow removal service  includes salt and snow removal for the driveway and sidewalks.

You can help offset Helper's Way costs to Revelation by making a donation above. 100% of your donation goes towards operational costs associated with Revelation. Operational costs include funds sent to missionaries, the Helper's Way Program, paying volunteers, employees, maintenance people and so on..

Helper's Way


Our organization participates in our local community through our Helper's Way program. If you or somebody you know is in need of assistance, we offer a season of free property maintenance to certain applicants. Don't go into debt over a difficult time if you don't have the schedule or ability to mow or remove snow. Instead, recuperate, and allow our organziation to help you. That way you are not stuck paying off debt for years to come. Email jg@revelationlandcare.com and ask how to apply or fill out the form below to start the process. Be prepared to provide the reason(s) you are in need and your financial information including bank statements and household annual income. Also, consider talking with family to help with a portion of the work.

Fruits of Our Labor

Revelation was born for several purposes but, here is the one I was aware of when I began: I have a desire to make the world a better place, so my business supports mission work around the world, in hopes that one day I can do mission trips regularly. Revelation is owned by The Messiah, and managed by a Messianic Christian: That is, a person who believes the whole Bible applies today (1 John 3:11; 2 John: 5), that we can keep the commands of The Father (John 14:15), practice a holy Sabbath each week (Genesis 2:3), partake in His Feast Days which are filled with hard, fast truth (or maybe sometimes soft, slow truth) and meaningful, applicable knowledge and wisdom (Leviticus 23), and that Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) is The Savior, is God manifest in the flesh, and is the only way to live life everlasting with Elohim Tz'vaot becasue He has been raised from the dead. He is the First-Fruit of human kind. (Lord of Hosts: YHVH)

Because we love The Father and His Son we do not discriminate with our services. We lovingly prove excellent service to all people. Some of our absolute best and most highly honored clients are not Christians, do not attend church, and are meaningful and contributing members to our community in their own ways.

It took many years to begin actualizing the aforementioned goal. Here are some of the ways our clients contribute to truly making the world a better place just by choosing Revelation to maintain their property:

Finding Hope Honduras: provides for ravaged people in the poverty stricken country of Honduras. With the funds you use to purchase property services, a fraction goes towards building and maintaining safe places to live, work, and learn; sponsoring children in need; and supporting women while their abusive spouses figure some things out. My sister-in-law's sister founded and runs this organization.

Kyamundai Foundation: provides missionaries with places to go, works to complete, and funds to do so. My friend from childhood's parents, under the wing of the foundation, have helped build and contribute towards running a place for people where they learn meaningful skills that will help them to operate more functionally in a part of Africa where functional operation is not neccesarily easy to encourage sometimes.

The above are just two examples of how Revelation supports missionary activity around God's beautiful blue planet. We support Israel, we are fighting gang violence and governemnt corruption here in Muskegon. Also, here at home we make meals for folks with scriptures folded in them like cute little fortune cookies, we read scripture downtown when possible, we support the local Salvation Army and much much more. All of it is possible through the hard work and good choices of our clients. We praise God.