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"But Serve The Lord with all your heart And do not turn aside"

Wendy S.
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Very polite easy to work with and got the job done at hand..very pleased highky recommend

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Join the Revelation family of clients and you will be pleased with what we have to offer your community, you, and your family and friends. Please, give us a try. Test us, be patient and find that we go above and beyond for each and every one of our clients.



Revelation was born, and grows to serve The Savior. He works hard for us, we work hard for Him. Through God's Great Hand Revelation Lawn Care is faced with challenges everyday. It is through those challenges that our faith and our relationship with Him is strengthened. By choosing this top notch company, you get a hard working and experienced maintanence team to ensure you have nothing to bother with in your lawn. Rest assured knowing that not only will be getting the best service available, but that the fruits of this labor helps to build orphanages, house battered women, bring the gospel to people lost in the trance music scene, and help various and countless others come to know and understand love through Yeshua (The Man they call Jesus Christ). We are blessed with many clients, Non-christian and Christian who appreciate a good lawn service. Our main focus is to ensure we have your trust and are thrilled with us as your land maintanence men and women both on and off the job.































Here are some Christian resources that serve as great stepping stones on your way to Him.


Resource Links to come. Still compiling.



Richard Ellis in Texas

Warren Wiersbey

Live 365

Chuck's Insights

Tony Evans

Adventures in Odyssey Radio Comic

Greg Laurie



Radio Stations (all Christian)


Hard Rock

Classic Rock


Power Praise

Random Christian Mix


CEDM (clean and/or Christian Electronic Dance Music)


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Jesus' Language

Audio Bible

The Bible in Many Versions and Languages


Videos and Movies


The Young Messiah

Jeremiah (in another language)

The Truth About Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Documentary: Earth's Age

God Vs. Evolution

Elijah (english subtitles)


The Book of Revelation Movie

Noah's Ark


The Life of Jesus




Christian Groups

De Calores Ministries


(404) 490-4128 - 24 hour prayer line