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Save Money, For God's Sake!

Discounts and Coupons:

Proximity Promotion:

     Recieve Approximately $30 off of your seasonal invoice and 10% off of fall clean up for a referal to a neighbor within 1 mile of ANY of the lawns we care for.

*Terms and conditions apply

Fall Clean Up Promotion:

    Receive 10% off of fall clean up to go with your weekly lawn maintanence

**Terms and conditions apply

Landscaping Promotion:

     For new clients considering landscape options.  Recieve 10% off of all labor for a project such as placing a garden, when you sign up for weekly maintanence.

Seasonal Payment Promotion:

    Pay for the full season and receive a small discount.  Also receive 10% off of weekly Fall Clean Up service.

More Savings


Small Business'

Military Members (active)

Military Members (retired of more than 10 years)


Community Outreach Programs

Christian Organizations

Non- Profits


Government Contracts










+15 % 

Referrals and How it works:

Referral's look like this:

Your monthly bill: $500

Your refferals monthly bill: $2,000

Your savings: 5% of $2,000 is $100.  Subtract that from your bill.  Your new monthly bill: $400.

Your referall must be with us for one full season for this promotion to activate.  It is activated during the first month of lawn care during the second season and lasts 3 full years.

Small Print For All Discounts

Revelation Lawn & Snow holds rights to adjust or withhold any promotion and/or discount.  Although this is not the will of Revelation Lawn & Snow, it is a right in the case that an uneccesary dispute arises.  Discounts and promotions may not be combined.  Discounts and promotions expire after 3 years of actively being utilized except for: discounts for military members and veterans; certain non-profits; certain Christian organizations and government contracts and for 65+.

I appreciate Ya.  Revelation appreciates your understanding and forgiveness when/if we fall short.